Deep Blue Cable, the developer, owner and operator of a state-of-the-art subsea fibre-optic system providing connectivity across the Caribbean islands and to the Americas, today announced that it has engaged APTelecom, a facilities-based telecom consulting and service company specializing in emerging markets, to serve as its International Sales partner in the creation of its new submarine cable system.

Deep Blue Cable will meet an urgent demand for advanced telecom services across the Caribbean.  The Deep Blue subsea cable network will span nearly 12,000 km with initial landing points in 12 markets throughout the region, including the Cayman Islands, Curaçao, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, and Turks & Caicos Islands, with dual diverse landings in the U.S., which will include the first landing of a cable on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  This resilient state-of-the-art cable has up to 8 fibre pairs with an initial capacity of 6 Tbps, and ultimate capacity of approximately 20 Tbps per fibre pair.  It is designed to be fully looped, maximizing system resiliency.

With NOC services delivered from the mainland U.S, and more than 40 planned landings in the Caribbean, U.S., and South America, Deep Blue Cable will bring 28 island nations closer to each other and better connected to the world.  As an independent company incorporated in Saint Lucia and the U.S., Deep Blue Cable is ideally positioned to establish these network services, delivering a new wave of communication to the Caribbean and the Americas.

“We are excited to be a part of such an important project in one of the world’s fastest-growing telecom markets, working within the Deep Blue Cable team to help bring their plans to fruition,” said Eric Handa, CEO of APTelecom.  “The demand for data continues to grow and this is especially true in the Caribbean where current capacity is already being stretched to its limits.  The region is desperate for improved pan-regional bandwidth infrastructure to boost potential and make network services fit for use beyond 2020.”

“APTelecom’s reach and expertise spans a wide range of emerging global markets, and we are pleased to engage their services as our International Sales Partner,” commented Stephen Scott, CEO of Deep Blue Cable.  “Caribbean countries are experiencing a surge in demand for advanced telecommunications services, and yet the region’s existing fibre-optic connectivity is technologically and economically disadvantaged.  The Deep Blue cable system, which will provide higher design capacity, lower bandwidth unit costs and lower latency through direct connectivity, comes at a time when the need for an advanced subsea network across the Caribbean islands and to the Americas has reached critical mass.”

Both Deep Blue Cable and APTelecom will be announcing updates in the coming weeks and months as their program gets underway.

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